Rhythmyx is the industry’s only truly decoupled enterprise web content management development platform. Rhythmyx is ideally suited to organizations with a strong internal development team that has invested heavily in other core web applications, processes, and technologies and simply wants a development platform that manages the “content infrastructure” with the freedom to continue to build and integrate other web applications without restrictions.

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Version 7.3.211/20167.3.2 Release NotesDownload
Latest Patch11/19/2019Patch NotesDownload

Percussion gives customers the ultimate freedom to customize, and integrate the Rhythmyx platform with other applications:

  • Extensive workflow capability
  • Open and Custom APIs
  • Expansive taxonomy and meta data services
  • Highly secure architecture
  • Deep versioning support
  • Multichannel publishing capability
  • Truly decoupled technology agnostic architecture

Rhythmyx is used by many of the top brands and popular government digital properties on the web today.


Multi-Site, Multi-Channel

Power one website or hundreds, sourcing, reusing, and syndicating your content across websites, blogs, social networks, databases, and web applications.

Ultimate Content Broker

With Rhythmyx, content can come from any source and be formatted for any output, including websites, RSS feeds, XML, blogs, social media, and even print.

Make Your Content More Effective

Once in the system, business rules can be used to apply personalization to target content for each website visitor based on their behavior, and web analytics can be leveraged to provide metrics and automation.

Empower Your Business Users

Enable your content contributors to easily add and edit content using simple form-based editing or by clicking to make changes directly on the page.

Integrate and Customize

Freely integrate your web content management with custom and legacy web applications and your existing technology stack. If your developers can dream it, you can build it in Rhythmyx.

Section 508 Compliant

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