Our built-in CMS features, unique coaching program and patent-pending LiveFirst migration make it easy for marketers go live faster than ever. Learn more.

Easy Implementation

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Percussion CMS was built with the marketer in mind, but it’s also designed to make things easier for the IT department. Regardless of organization size, IT is typically under-resourced and under-staffed the work they’re asked to do. Their technical skills are often spread thin across many projects. 

Our philosophy is about making the marketer self-sufficient on the web, so we can reduce technological roadblocks and let members of the IT team focus on the work that only they can do, and the work they do best. Despite being a secure, stable, and robust product, Percussion CMS is also surprisingly lightweight, not requiring an expansion of your existing infrastructure. 

From migration, to implementation, to long-term stability and success, Percussion CMS empowers marketers, reduces stress on IT staff and resources, and makes running an engaging website easy. 

Easy Website Migration With Live First

One of the biggest stepping stones when it comes to launching your website is the traditional website migration process—first you create all your new site design and then you migrate your content. You may think it will take months or even years to take all of the existing content and move it from on CMS to another. With our patent pending LiveFirst technology you can easily automate your CMS migration with the click of a button.

Your content, design, files, and links are all migrated and allow you to easily convert your pages into Percussion templates. Some of our customers have gone live in as little as 5 days.

Customer Success Coaching

We believe in making our customers self-sufficient, so in every implementation of Percussion CMS, our goal is to keep you confident and in control long past the launch date.

Unlike traditional CMS training that happens after a website is built, Percussion's program partners your web team with a dedicated customer success coach to advise you on the set up of your website in its new environment and help you understand how to use the CMS for managing content, design, and functionality. 

Customer Community

After you launch, you can get assistance from our team and fellow customers in our active customer community. You can also share ideas, get implementation tips, and learn best practices. Our customers and their feedback help shape future iterations of Percussion CMS, and constantly inspire us to make it better. Participating in the customer community connects you to your peers and our product planning team.

Secure Decoupled Architecture

Percussion's architecture provides the flexibility to consolidate or distribute system components depending on the needs of the organization. Percussion application is 3-tier architecture (application tier, database server, and web tier), which can be distributed across multiple servers to provide multiple levels of security and service efficiencies.

Mashable App Integration

Percussion’s flexible approach to integration enables "mashable," data-driven websites that are fresh, dynamic, engaging, and easily managed. For developers creating external applications to integrate with Percussion, each template and page comes with properties or "code insertion points." A set of widgets allows marketing users to place and format dynamic data and interactions returned by these external applications.

For organizations with existing applications where mashup integration may not be possible, or where client-side code is not allowed, we support server side integration. This hybrid, mashable model takes the same architectural approach as the fully mashable model, but moves all the client JavaScript processing into a new web application layer run on the server.

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