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Easy Content Management

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Marketers need web content management software that will help them grow and engage their audience, and make their website a more effective business driver. Percussion CMS was designed for marketers to make the content creation and publishing process fast and easy. It enables content contributors without technical skills to take content from zero to live quickly, while providing tools to measure effectiveness and improve SEO.

Create and Publish Content Without Technical Skills

Percussion CMS has a friendly user interface and editing tools that will feel familiar to anyone who has used a word processor. Page elements like text boxes and images can be dragged and dropped into place, giving users lots of flexibility without compromising the site design.

Your Favorite Tools Are Already Built In 

Most web content management (WCM)  systems require customization and additional development before you can use them. Percussion CMS is a finished product, and is ready for use as soon as you install. Blogs with comments, calendars, forms, navigation, rich text and images are all built in as part of a library of page elements that you can pick and choose for your website. These little applications are called “widgets” and allow you to add new functionality or content type to any page, or any template. No coding required.

Fast Publishing for Content That Can’t Wait

Publishing is fast and easy in Percussion CMS, with options that allow you to target one page for immediate publishing, publish the entire site, or only the content that’s been approved to go live. Being nimble on the web requires speed, and with every release of Percussion CMS, we try to supply a WCM system that is faster and more streamlined, and publishes critical changes immediately.

Easy Distribution via Social Media and RSS

RSS (really simple syndication) might not be as popular as it once was, but content curation is a powerful tactic in any content marketer’s toolkit. Making your content easier to distribute helps it travel well beyond your existing audience. Percussion CMS makes it easy to generate RSS feeds of your blogs and other content, and allows you to share on social media via our social widget, or by easily integrating third-party sharing tools like ShareThis or AddThis.

Manage Content Quality and Editorial Consistency Through Workflows

A content management system that’s easy to use will empower new content contributors to be more engaged in updating your website. This also creates more work for your editorial team. Our workflows and permissions are designed to be easy to set up and adjust, and as granular as you need them to be. Content can be advanced through multiple stages of approval, saving comments and versions of your page at each step.

Percussion CMS makes it easy to manage a large pool of content contributors while enforcing editorial standards and brand consistency, and to grant access to only those who should have it.

Create a Library of Reusable Content and Files

Having reusable content available to contributors makes site-wide updates more efficient, and allows marketers greater flexibility to make their content work harder.

You can also use the bulk uploader in our dashboard to upload multiple files or images at the same time.

Manage Multiple Websites or Micro Sites in One Place

Multi-site management is a critical feature for marketers in organizations with a decentralized web presence. Whether you’re creating websites for multiple campuses, or microsites for various product lines, Percussion’s easy sharing of content, assets, templates, and design resources makes it easy to maintain unified branding on your websites for visitors across the globe.

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