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Percussion CMS 8

Percussion CMS 8 is an Enterprise-grade Headless Content Management Platform for marketers and developers to deliver seamless digital experiences.

Percussion CMS 8.0 is a unified content platform that merges the streamlined content production of CM1 with the robust development capabilities of Rhythmx. Bringing together the strengths of both platforms now allows marketers to do more of the heavy lifting that once required developers, while developers now enjoy the excellent usability of a user interface previously available only to marketers. All too often, technology platforms limit or isolate one set of users.  IT may be forced to use command lines, when a graphical UI would be quicker and easier.  On the other hand, marketers – especially technical marketers – will sometimes prefer the speed or precision of the “techie” way of doing things. With Percussion CMS 8.0, both groups now get the full set of feature-functionality.  No limitations or constraints.  The best of two previously specialized systems is now in one place – a cloud-based, open source CMS platform that emphatically supports both the current content-technology requirements and the longer-term content strategy of the whole organization.