Notes/Domino Tools

Percussion Software was a trailblazer and early Lotus Notes business partner.  Notrix launched in 1995, allowing customers to do bi-directional integration between Notes and relational databases.  As Notes grew, so did Percussion.  Powerflow, a graphical workflow solution, was released in 1996.  Server Admin Plus, for Notes and Domino administration, was added in 1998.  

Percussion Software spun out the Notes division in 2005, creating a new company named Power Tools, Inc. Between 2005 and 2015, Power Tools operated under the name "Axceler" and then "Viewdo Labs".  In 2015, Power Tools Inc. was merged back into Percussion Software Inc, reuniting Notrix, Powerfolw, and Server Admin Plus back where they began.

Today, Percussion continues to maintain, enhance, and support our Notes tools for hundreds of customers worldwide.  It's been a windy road, but our commitment to customer success has always been at the forefront and is reflected in the many customers who have relied on Percussion for decades.  We look forward to serving our customers for many more years to come.