About Us

Percussion CMS Cloud represents a unified platform designed to support the transformation from simply managing content to delivering a coherent set of omnichannel digital experiences.

Our Team and Company Culture

At Percussion, we value teamwork, commitment, learning and fun! We want positive attitudes and people who seek solutions and answers. We encourage everyone to bond with each other with fun activities, like hosting a World Cup party or participating in a road race. In many cases, the people at Percussion are offering creative ideas for events and things to do together, because, they want to. That is the essence of our culture—the attitude and desire to spend more time together with the people who are working like crazy to succeed alongside you.

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Our Story

Percussion Software was founded in 1994 in Woburn, MA by Alan Matthews, Barry Reynolds, and John Devine, and started by creating add-ons for Lotus Notes. Over the years, Percussion served as a software provider, think tank, and incubator, spinning off successful companies like Axceler, which was acquired by Metalogix in 2013.

Percussion’s focus on web content management began in 2000 with the introduction of Rhythmyx, a robust development platform. Rhythmyx provides developers with robust customization and development capabilities to build truly unique web experiences.

Percussion launched an easy to use CMS in 2010, under the name CM1, in order to provide marketers with the ability to be more effective on the web. Through enabling web design and content marketing without technical skills, CM1 removed the usual barriers to entry into easy web content management.

In 2021, Percussion launched the new unified CMS 8.0 platform which simultaneously expands the technical power of marketers and delivers dramatically enhanced usability to developers Percussion CMS 8.0 has combined CM1 and Rhythmyx into a single product which delivers the best of each solution.  This intuitive, user-friendly content management system powers websites in businesshigher educationfinancial services, and state and local governments. With unique features like our patent-pending LiveFirst migration utility, drag-and drop template editing, and widget-based page management, we’ve made creating and publishing content faster and easier than ever.

Our core focus has always been on customer success, with a dedicated support team, active customer community, and coaching program designed to create empowered, independent, and happy customers.